What maintenance does artificial turf have?

Practically nil. It is enough to remove the leaves that are deposited on top, and the cleaning of dust, organic remains, etc, can be done with water. It is advisable to perform a brushing from time to time.

How long does artificial turf last?

The artificial grass must last a minimum of 10 years, being able to extend its useful life much longer under normal conditions of use and always depending on the quality of the same.

What maximum dimension do the lawn rolls have?

The maximum width of manufacture is 4 meters, although the normal, in decorative lawn is 2 meters for the ease of handling. The length is usually 20 or 25 meters, although on request it can reach 100 meters.

On what type of surface can you install artificial turf?

Artificial turf can be installed on virtually any surface considering the end use for which it is intended. For residential lawn a compacted earth base is usually sufficient, although we recommend a final layer of picón sand or similar al least 3cm high, thus we separate the lawn from a direct contact with the mud, providing a more flexible surface for walking comfort. The ground must be porous so that it drains rainwater and avoids stagnation of it. We recommend installing an anti-grass sheet to prevent the growth of the same. The lawn has no problem being installed on a smooth surface such as concrete ,asphalt or tile since Ecotec Sports has an exclusive system, developed by us to simulate the imperfections of the natural terrain.

Is artificial turf valid for pets?

Artificial turf is fully indicated for use with our pets, this doubt arises on many occasion due to the difficulty of having a quality natural grass with pets at home and artificial turf is a solution, but…will it give us problems? the answer is no, both organic liquids or pets depositions should only be cleaned for hygienic reasons with water and, where appropriated, with neutral soaps since the acids secreted by animals do not damage the fibers of artificial turf.

The cleaning of hair is also not complicated since you can sweep, blow with blowers or in the event that we are in a time of hair change, the most comfortable is to incorporate excess water in the lawn and brush it.

Is an artificial turf better the more stitches it has?

Definitely not. This argument was widely used by Chinese manufacturers, since they realized that the final customer, what was mainly fixed was the number of stitches and as their product had the feeling of “plastic” to the touch, they decided to use very few threads in each stitch and very fine threads to get a softer and thicker product.

A quality artificial turf, among other factors, must have a perfect combination between dtex, stitches, final weight of the product and above all quality in its suppliers of raw material. Without forgetting of course, a stable sewing and heat treatment.

Does it rot with water?

The materials with which the artificial grass is built are of first quality and of course rot-resistant, but having it constantly flooded affects its longevity. That is why the preparation of the land must be adequate.

How do we install it?

The installation of the artificial turf is simple. The joints are joined by means of a plastic band with a bicomponent tail with which an entire garden becomes a single cloth, without the joints having to be noticed. Once the process is finished, it is laxed with silica sand to increase its weight, so that it adapts to the terrain and acquires a more natural appearance and prevents it from moving.

What advantages does a quality residential lawn have over the traditional one?

Countless. To the enormous resistance and appearance practically equal to the traditional one we must add an almost zero need for water and maintenance. It does not need herbicides, fertilizers, or machinery to cut it. It does not accumulate bugs. It does not rot, it does not dry, it is not allergic, it does not need light of any kind and it supports the placement of furniture or the transit with heels. It is always green and willing to be used. Its use after a rain is immediate and does not dirty the surrounding soils or the house since it is not in contact with mud.

Does it burn or is it toxic?

Artificial turf does not spread the flame, is self-extinguishing and is considered suitable for domestic use and is non-toxic.

Does artificial turf become waterlogged when it rains?

Artificial turf has drainage holes that will prevent the artificial turf from becoming waterlogged, filtering all the water to the surface where it has been installed. A correct preparation of the ground and a professional installation will avoid any type of incident. All our models have 100-150 5mm drainage holes that guarantee a permeability of 1800 L/H/m2.

How is artificial turf cleaned?

Artificial turf is an easy surface to clean. Only water is enough for cleaning. In case of having any stain, it would be enough to dissolve a couple of drops of a cleaner in a bucket with water and rub on the stained surface. You can also use special concentrated germicides for the disinfection of artificial turf.

Does artificial turf need silica filling?

The state-of-the-art artificial turf incorporates among its filaments a curly texture that fulfills the mission of keeping the filaments upright, a use for which silica sand was used years ago. The use of silica sand is not mandatory, but from the main European factories recommend its use, since it will allow you to have a greater feeling of cushioning, the filaments will remain more raised, will drag the product to the ground and will prevent the artificial turf from getting over hot on very hot days. As you can see, the use of silica sand will only bring advantages to your artificial turf, so we advise its use.